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o2 101 Phone : 04253 - 288733, 288755 FAX : 288744.c|||_ |++| |a+ .c|||_ |++| |a+ .c|||_ |++| |a+ .c|||_ |++| |a+ .c|||_ |++| |a+ 2002 .+|| 11121 2002 .+|| 11121 2002 .+|| 11121 2002 .+|| 11121 2002 .+|| 11121 |a_1 181020 181020 181020 181020 181020 .1a._ a|+o .c|| |_ |++||a+ ac|| .o+ +oa+ +oc1|1 .|+ .c |a_1 +ac|1 c||(++++ 1o00}-++D.D. cc++ ccc||+|o 1|a 2 .c}|c ca+ c+c o +oc+o c||a+| ccc|m++ cc(1m|1|| |a+ m|1|| |a+ m|1|| |a+ m|1|| |a+ m|1|| |a+ 2002 +||1| 111o |a_1 202122 |a_1 .+|| 2002 +||1| 111o |a_1 202122 |a_1 .+|| 2002 +||1| 111o |a_1 202122 |a_1 .+|| 2002 +||1| 111o |a_1 202122 |a_1 .+|| 2002 +||1| 111o |a_1 202122 |a_1 .+|| o o o o o o o o o o .1a +|+o -_ m|1| | |a++ ac|| .o a+1aco .+++a c|++ c |+ +o1 .1a .|+ |a+o +oa++oo1 |a+ a+c| 00}-++ D.D. cc++ ccc||+|o 1|a2.c}|c ca+ c+c o .| +a+ cc o a+1 aco .+++a+++1 a+o 7 +a|+c1 .++||co |_||+a |a+c|+ +|+1c+o c||a+| ccc|m++ cc(1.+ a |a+ .+ a |a+ .+ a |a+ .+ a |a+ .+ a |a+ 2002 +||1| 272820 2002 +||1| 272820 2002 +||1| 272820 2002 +||1| 272820 2002 +||1| 272820 .1 a +| + o .+a |a+ac|| .o+ 2o c+o oo ca+ cc| .o .|+1a| .|o |1 +cc|||c|1 +c(o m|1| | |a+ c|++ c |+ +o1 .1am|1|c+ |a+o +oa+ +oo1 |a+ a+c| 00}-++D.D..| 1|a 2 .c}|c ca+ c+c o.| +a+ cco+a|+c1 .++||co |_||+ a |a+c|+ +|+1 7 m|1|||a++ ++1 a+o1 cc++ ccc|m+ + cc(1 |a+c|+ +|+1 oo+ccc||a+ ca_+ +o||| ||| ccc||+|o ccc||+|o ccc||+|o ccc||+|o ccc||+|o |c|| .o |c|| .o |c|| .o |c|| .o |c|| .o|c+|||1 c|||||| ++ cc(1 |c+|||1 c|||||| ++ cc(1 |c+|||1 c|||||| ++ cc(1 |c+|||1 c|||||| ++ cc(1 |c+|||1 c|||||| ++ cc(1 (Not Stapled).:1` |a+ a+c|+co V.M.K.Y.K.K.R.F., c |ao POLLACHI ca1+o |a++++ cc+o(Payable at Pollachi) D.D. c(++ .|| cc(1:2` ca+| |a++ca ccc||1 c|c+ .c+ +c++ c|m| cc(1 ca+| |a++ca ccc||1 c|c+ .c+ +c++ c|m| cc(1 ca+| |a++ca ccc||1 c|c+ .c+ +c++ c|m| cc(1 ca+| |a++ca ccc||1 c|c+ .c+ +c++ c|m| cc(1 ca+| |a++ca ccc||1 c|c+ .c+ +c++ c|m| cc(1:` |a++c 1o :||ca+` a|++c c ccc||a+ .a_ ca+ +|_ .||1 .c||+ +| +1 .|| c +a + ++ + c c+ c ca m + ( | c| m | cc (1:` P.D.C. +c| +|| |a+++c c|c+ .c+o +a+ c1mo c aco+c c a|+c 7o}-c ++|o D.D. +ca+ cc++ cc(1 c+oo || +a1 7o .|++c ||(| .c+ca+ ao1:o` .c||+ +|+1 1c|++||ac+ ||(| |a++c c| cc(1 |a+ ac||_1 a|+o |a+ao+ +c| +| .|+1 cac++1 .+ |++o co++|o +acc+ac c+| +| .|+1 cac++1 .+ |++o co++|o +acc+ac c+| +| .|+1 cac++1 .+ |++o co++|o +acc+ac c+| +| .|+1 cac++1 .+ |++o co++|o +acc+ac c+| +| .|+1 cac++1 .+ |++o co++|o +acc+ac c+|oco oco oco oco oco:o` |a++c ac++|||(o .o+c |o c1 ccc||a+ .(++ c1 |a++c| ||+aa||(1:7` |a++ oo+ a|+o .+|++oo +acc+ac c1 .|+ |_||+a|a+c|+ +|+++| c| cc(1 |+ . +++ +cc| c| cc(1 |+ . +++ +cc| c| cc(1 |+ . +++ +cc| c| cc(1 |+ . +++ +cc| c| cc(1 |+ . +++ +cc| c| cc(1c+1 a .c| | c+1 a .c| | c+1 a .c| | c+1 a .c| | c+1 a .c| |12 .|- +||1| 20023 .|- +||1| 2002.oo+o .co +a+ +a+cao+o m|1| ca+o|co++co .+a ||++o |co++co .++||co+++oo1 .a+co+o+ +c1 |a+o .a+ .cc+c1 cc|a .| c1++++ )a+ooo1 cac+a+ +c1 |+ +|a c1+| ++o1 c cac+| |++o .o .||+ +a +||1oco .a+co cc|1 +c( ca+ +cm++coco .+a++ 02ca+ cc|+c1 ++|a+ coo+c1 cc|a c1+++ c1+coc|)a+ ccc1 c( |+ cc(1 c_ .o+|o+|+++ +c|+1+ c|| c|a+ .|||a )a+ |+occc+ +c|o |+1.|+o )a+ |co++co+ c(1|+c++ +a+c+ )a+.|co aoo cco cc+++ +c|o |ac+++oo1 .+c+ac+ac .+ .+ca+ +c1 .a++ +co .o|+a1 +aa+ .|oao+c+| |++||+ac .a|+| .|a|a+ +1+ c+ c:a++++a+ +c( ca+)a+ a1|+o ocoa c+c+ +| +coo a.|a|a+ +a+ J |US J |US J |US J |US J |US a+ +a+o|+|o |S a_ |S a_ |S a_ |S a_ |S a_||(+ +c( ca1+oo+| |+1 .|oo ca+ |c| o1+c+o +++1 ca||+ )a+ . |c+|o |++o1 a c:a++c++ +a+ +c( c1+o .c+c|a c++|o1+c+o1 +++1 ca||+ .+o c +1+ aoo |++ ||1+1+ c|+ +1+.|+o a1 c1c+ a|+++ |+||1 .oo a+ .|co||++++ cc(1 c_ +o1 .+ +cc|| .oo+ +aao| .oo ccc1 a+ a+o .a++ c(1|+|ac.+ca+ +1+ +c+a+|ac .+ca+ +1+ .o++|ac92B 92B 92B 92B 92Bx u | zx x u | zx x u | zx x u | zx x u | zx4 .|- +||1| 2002.+ca+ +1+ .a+ .oco a+ .|o +c+a+|ac+ +a+1co .a+coa ccc| |a+ .a+ .|oo .o |oc+1 cc .a|+| +a1+o )a+ oco + ma++ c+a+c( _ cc|o ccoc .|c++| .a+| ||+ooo1 ca+a+ ca+ a+ .o+ +c+a+|oa+ + a|+cca++ .c+o .o+1 c cc(1a+ .|o .o++|ac+ +a+|+ .+o a .o+ |+++cca+ c+++o1 .|oo |+o +|1 c|+ c1c +|||(|c++c co c|a+ cc|o .+c +ac a+ |c|+c++co cc+++ +c( ac +c1 +a+ .|a|a+ +a+.o|+a1 +aa+ c(1|+c+1 aoo cco |+++++ +c(ca+o .+ cco cac++1 .ac+ c|+ a++a1 .|||c(1|c1 .o+c1 .aa cc(1 .a| cc(1 c_ cooc|1c1+|+ +1| S.V. |o+|||ca1 .c+ a+ +|||+|c|a ++||+c+c(+++ +oo ca++ c||| .|1m+++ c|||+ +c( ca++ c_+ c ++||1+ coo1 +|(+ +c|+ a+ ++ ||+|ac|o+ ||+ a c_ +o1 +ac .o|a+1 .o|a+1 .o|a+1 .o|a+1 .o|a+1 c_ |acc+++ |a+ c .a|+| |a. .|a+1 . .|a+1 . .|a+1 . .|a+1 . .|a+1 .co .aa+ ccc++( +a++o .c+||o .a+ ccc1 ||| |a cc++ cc(1 c_ ca++ a1+oo+ +oo |1o1 c_ + a+ .|a++c++ +|| c|++c++c1 a+ ccac ca|( +a+c++c1 cc( c++oa+ a_ .c++ ccc ca |+ +a+c++c1 cc|ac1++++co+ + .c|ca ac +a1 c1+ coc|(14.08.2002 ._ .+ac+ c++| |+c .c+ ++ 02.c+ ma+ |+|o.aa c1++c| m|| c(++c .a| R. +ca+o +ca+o +ca+o +ca+o +ca+o .a_`.+ac+ +++++co+ +c| |co++co |co++co |co++co |co++co |co++co c1 o|o +++||o c++| ||||++|oa+ :c|1 ccc` cc1+oc+| ||cac|o1 c||a++c|- +||1| 2002 6WORLD CONGRESS ON GLOBAL VISION AND STRATEGIESFOR PEACE, NONVIOLENCE AND HARMONY10 - 13 August 2002(Temple of Consciousness, Aliyar - 642 101, Tamil Nadu, India)The Aliyar Declaration 2002PreambleAt the dawn of the 21st century, we share a sense of hope and anticipationof a world community enjoying peace and harmony. One Humanity is thecollective hope of all and it seems possible because of the many developmentsunfolding at the international, national and local levels. This hope isaccompanied by the aspiration and the need felt to critically re-examine theeconomic, social, scientific, political and cultural policies of people andgovernments.World peace can only be achieved when there is peace within everyindividual, which then extends to the family, society and nation.The Aliyar Declaration is the proud product of the World Congress onGlobal Vision and Strategies for Peace, Nonviolence and Harmony, held atAliyar, Tamil Nadu, India, from August 10-13, 2002.More than 1,000 people, comprising delegates from various countries ofthe world, attended the Congress. The Declaration is the collective wisdom ofeminent personalities who addressed the Congress, together with participatoryinputs from all delegates.The World Congress was jointly organised by the Brain Trust of the WorldCommunity Service Centre, Madurai Kamaraj University, Gandhigram RuralDeemed University and the Association for Sarva Seva Farms.The Aliyar Declaration is a global plan of action aiming toEstablish one world federal governmentStrive for universal agreement on One Truth, One ReligionRealize economic justice for allInculcate uni versal respect and recognition f or the greatness ofwomanhoodImpart holistic education.|- +||1| 2002 7Reform existing political ethos and governanceGive priority to protection of human rightsReview the philosophical foundation of scienceIt is our sincere hope that the people of the world give serious conside-ration to the Aliyar Declaration 2002 and act upon it in the best interestsof humanity.THE ALIYAR