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Magazine Cultural Escola Secundária Infanta Dona Maria nº18. 1ºPeríodo 2013-14 A r t i s t a s E s c o n d i d o s


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Magazine Cultural Escola Secundária Infanta Dona Maria nº18. 1ºPeríodo 2013-14

A r t i s t a s E s c o n d i d o s

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Imagino, se fosse pintor JOÃO FERNANDES nº19 9ºB

Uma pessoa saudável é uma pessoa com boa saúde.

Uma pessoa com boa saúde tem bons hábitos alimentares e de saúde.

Ter bons hábitos alimentares é ter uma alimentação equilibrada e

saudável. Uma pessoa pode seguir a roda dos alimentos que mostra quais

os alimentos mais saudáveis e a sua quantidade ideal numa refeição.

Quem promove bons hábitos alimentares tem maiores

probabilidades de ser saudável. Uma pessoa com maus hábitos alimentares

não é saudável e pode ser obesa ou anorética.

Ter bons hábitos de saúde é saber cuidar bem do corpo e de todos os

seus constituintes. O melhor exemplo de um bom hábito de saúde é ter


Se uma pessoa não tiver bons hábitos alimentares e de saúde pode

vir a sofrer de doenças como o cancro.

O cancro, que pode ser provocado por maus hábitos alimentares e de

saúde, é das doenças mais graves do mundo e pode levar até à morte.

Neste texto pretendo distinguir os bons hábitos alimentares e os

maus hábitos alimentares.

Imagino, se fosse pintor, um quadro pintado com uma bonita

paisagem com um ser humano saudável a pescar alimentos saudáveis num

lago límpido.

O nosso mundo devia ser assim.

Por outro lado, imagino a pintura de Eduard Munch, ‘O Grito’, mas

com um homem obeso a comer vários alimentos de restaurantes de

FastFood. Escolheria este quadro porque considero que todos devíamos

gritar para que os maus hábitos alimentares deixassem de existir neste


O quadro seria pintado com cores escuras para representar a tristeza

causada pelos maus hábitos alimentares.

Bons hábitos alimentares trazem felicidade e uma vida boa.

Esta é a nossa única vida, e é ela que deve estar em maior destaque

nos nossos pensamentos.

Devemos sempre enaltecer os bons hábitos alimentares.

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Educação Visual


Trabalhos dos Jovens artistas

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vicente nº29– 9ºa

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Ana Carolina Albuquerque nº3 – 9ºa Madalena nº15– 9ºA

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Rita Santo nº24 – 9ºA

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Mariana Pinto nº30 – 9ºA

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Inês Oliveira nº11 – 9ºA

Teresa Mexia nº26 – 9ºA

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Pedro Teles nº22 – 9ºA

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Francisca Ferreira

nº17 – 9ºA

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Rita Machado nº27 – 9ºB

Joana Sousa nº13 – 9ºC

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Ana mafalda nº2 – 9ºB

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Joana Rosa nº17 – 9ºD

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Elisandra Zinga nº8 – 9ºD

Mariana ângelo nº18 – 9ºC

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Inês Marcelo nº10 – 9ºC

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Maria Luísa Amado nº19 – 9ºC

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Joana Dias nº13 – 9ºC

Mariana ângelo nº18 – 9ºC

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Novos talentos

7ºano Turma C

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“Music can change the world because it

can change people“ Bono

I agree, because music tells us things and gives us

ideas, lessons to our lives, and sometimes music can

change our personality. João Sêco 10º C

I agree with this sentence; people can be changed by a

song because music is another way of expressing our

feelings and the right music in the right moment can

change things. Gustavo Boleo 10º C

I totally agree with Bono because almost everyone has a

song that touches them deep inside and if you

understand what the lyrics are about, you can be

changed by its powerful words.

João Isidoro 10º C

I agree with his statement because music can inspire a

person to do good things, so music can change the world

by changing people. Mariana Monteiro 10º B

In my opinion, Bono’s sentence is true. I believe

that music can change people because it motivates us

in different ways, such as: work hard, be

optimistic about life, self-esteem… If music changes

people, it can easily change our way of thinking and

our ideals of living (taboos, cultures…)

Maria Inês Pirré 10ºC

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Once upon a time Josh, a little kid with 7 years old, who lived in a small town near the

“Dark Forest”, decided to break the family tradition.

His family used to stay all together, all the times… so this year, Josh decided to go out with

his friends to play "trick or treat".

He waited for his parents to go for their bedroom and escaped home...

Josh and his friends met at the park to decide which street togo first, they split in two

groups to get more candies but in a few minutes, Josh got lost from his group.

At Josh’s home, his parents went to his room to call him, because they were about to go

out and spend the night at grandmother’s, with the rest of the family. But he wasn’t there!!

They called the police but the agent told them not to worry because he should be playing

“trick or treat” with his friends.

- “If it calms you down, make a call to his friends’ parents, while my partner makes the

rounds and checks the neighborhood".

They did it but, the other parents didn’t know that Josh was with their children. And the

other kids had already been home to leave some of the candies and didn’t talk about Josh. They

promise to call if he appeared.

They got even more concerned and decided to go to grandmother’s home to tell their family

what happened. The whole family was very nervous and decided to look for him in the forest, and

split in three groups.

Meanwhile, Josh got into the forest… and he had two paths in front of him…Josh decided

for the darker one… he liked dark!

Two hours later the family was still looking for Josh’s… but there was no sign of him!

Nothing! Not even a footprint or a piece of coat! Josh family was desperate when they listened to

one voice:

- “Hey mum, dad, help me! I’m here… “

Each word least heard his voice. But his family did not give up and for one hour more they

were desperately looking for him without success.

They decided go home and wait until next day and call the police again to tell them what

they did and what happened.

What do you think happened next !?

Now, each one of you can imagine what you want but, only one person will ever know the


… If he ever appears …

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Creepy Halloween

One day, I was coming home from school. I turned left and I turned left again. In that

moment, I started hearing strange and creepy voices calling me: 'Paulo, Paulo, come here. We have

a surprise for you...’. I got quite scared, but I kept walking, like nothing had happened. I climbed the

stairs: '1; 2; 3;...; 29; 30; 31 aaaaaau'.

I had fallen in the 31st step. It was a really dark place where the plants could grow, but then

they would turn black. It was simply scary. There were also many skeletons. I didn´t know if they

were plastic or real, but they seemed to be staring at me in a really uncomfortable way .I tried to see

what else I was surrounded by so I took a mirror from my bag and I reflected the sun light that was

coming through a little hole in the top. In that moment, I understood where I was. Under the 31st step

of the stairs, there was also a fireplace, unlit torches and some really ancient instruments and tools,

so, I thought I had discovered the place where a Pre Historic family had got installed.

This discovery could be a treasure for the Archaeology and Science. But now, I had a

serious problem. I couldn´t announce this discover to any person because the step had been closed

mysteriously. But, on top of this hole, there was a locker, which meant that I had to find the key that

matched it, and also find something that would serve to climb that wall and get out of it.

At home, my mother started getting worried. She had gone to my school and asked my

friends where I was. They said that I had climbed the stairs, but in a certain point, they couldn´t see

me anymore. So, my mother went out of school and she went along the way where I used to go. So,

she also fell in the 31st floor.

-'Hi mum’, I said.

-' Hi son', she answered, 'I was getting really worried about you. You wouldn't appear at

home and I and your father were worried about you.'

-'Sorry mum, but I fell in here, as you can see. Now, I'm looking for the key to open the step

and go away.'

I also told her what had happened and what I had discovered. She got really happy for me,

but now we had to find the key to get out of there. So, we started digging with our hands, and we

found out a buried skeleton. In its ribs, there was a key, so we took it out of them. Now, there was

only a piece of the puzzle to find out: a way to climb that 3 meter wall. So, she had an idea.

-What if we grabbed the ribs to make stairs?

-Yeah, good idea.

-We did what she told and we could get out successfully from that annoying step. I got home

and I had lunch, and then I announced my discovery to the archaeologists.

Paulo Cortesão nº21 7thB

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A scary day

One night I was coming home when I had the feeling that someone was watching me. Then,

I saw a man with a hook in his hand looking at me. So, I started to run toward a store where he

couldn’t chase me, or in the worst case, kill me.

I noticed that it was a Halloween store, I tried to escape but I was lost. I saw an exit at the

end of the corridor so I ran. Everyone was in the street. After all, it was Halloween. I thought he

couldn’t kill me with all the kids and parents walking around saying trick or treat from house to house.

I mingled with the crowd and I thought I had fooled him, naturally I went home resting. After

a few minutes I heard someone knocking at the door but it wasn’t an ordinary knock, it seemed like

someone was scratching a knife against the door.

It was the person chasing me since the beginning, I opened the door and I tried to punch him

but he blocked me. Then, slowly, the person took the mask and surprisingly it was my dad. After all

he explained to me that he was picking me up at school and he was dressed like a pirate because it

was his costume for Halloween. I got quite a scare! But in the end everything got back to normal!

Filipe Pedro nº14 7th D

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A preto e Branco


João Santos

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Professor João Santos










Gost art.

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José Antunes 10ºd

projeto frieden

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O fascínio da cor


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Design Gráfico


Em T-Shirt


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Design Gráfico


Em T-Shirt


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Design Gráfico


Em T-Shirt


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