Pesquisa Nielsen (Maio/2012) sobre consumo de vídeos online e TV

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Transcript of Pesquisa Nielsen (Maio/2012) sobre consumo de vídeos online e TV

  • 1. A Nielsen Report Global Online Consumers andMulti-Screen Media:Today and Tomorrow May 2012
  • 2. GLOBAL ONLINE CONSUMERS MULTI-SCREEN MEDIA AND TODAY AND TOMORROW Reported global video consumption on 36% of global online in-home computers consumers report owning a smartphone, up 15 ranks as high as TV percentage points since 2010 usage for online consumers Online and mobile video consumption is steady and poised for growth 35% of online respondents worldwide say they are likely to make payments with their mobile phonesInnovations in technology, a multitude of connected devices, and evolutions in the mediadistribution landscape have provided more ways than ever to consume media across differentscreens, whether at home, at work, or on-the-go.2 Copyright 2012 The Nielsen Company.
  • 3. To understand how consumers around the world are responding Nielsens Global Survey of Multi-Screen Media Usage of more than to this fragmented media environment, Nielsen, a leading 28,000 Internet respondents in 56 countries indicates that watching global provider of information and insights into what consumers video content on computers has become just as popular as watching watch and buy, surveyed online consumers across the globe on video content on television among online consumers, with over 80 their multi-screen media usage, device ownership and purchase percent reporting watching video content at home on a computer intentions, Internet access points, and how they see mobile (84%) or on TV (83%) at least once a month. By contrast, in 2010, technologys role in the future. more online consumers reported watching video content on TV (90%) than on a computer (86%) in a month-long period. How often have you watched video content on the following devices in the past 30 days?* % Global Online Average More than once a day 16 17 32 27 24 Once a day 27 A few times a week 10 Online, through Computer 11 Television the Internet Once a week at home at home (on any device) Less than once a week 9 13 8 11 Have not watched video on this device in the past 30 days 16 19 17 9 17 18 6 5 4 4 5 18 5 21 10 10 9 Handheld Through a DVR Mobile phone 7 10 multimedia device - 7 Portable DVD 9 or digital video 7 Computer at work not a phone Player recorder such (e.g. iPod Touch, PSP) 9 as TiVo 1043 10 11 13 7 45 6 64 59 63 11 9 4 4 4 3 3 4 3 4 33 7 8 9 7 8 6 7 6 6 Through an 7 Public computer in-home video E-book Reader Tablet Device (e.g. Library, 8 TV or DVD (e.g., Apple iPad) 8 game system (e.g. Amazon player in a car 11 Internet Caf, (e.g. Playstation 3 Gym) 10 Kindle) 13 or Xbox 360) 72 66 67 72 69 Source: Nielsen Global Survey of Multi-Screen Media Usage, Q3 2011 *As reported by online consumersAbout the Survey and MethodologyThis report is based primarily on a series of media usage questions included in Nielsens Global Survey, in August/September 2011. Thesurvey polled more than 28,000 consumers with traditional online/Internet access from 56 countries throughout Asia-Pacific, Europe, LatinAmerica, the Middle East, Africa, and North America. While online survey methodology allows for tremendous scale and global reach, it islimited in that it provides a perspective only on the habits of existing Internet users, not total populations. Results may therefore, amongother possibilities, over-report online usage via computers, under-report traditional television usage, and/or under-report mobile mediausage. Additionally, responses are only indicative of respondents beliefs about their own media usage, rather than actual metered data. Copyright 2012 The Nielsen Company. 3
  • 4. Reported online and mobile videoviewing is on the riseWhile the in-home TV and computer are still the most popular prominent in North America than in other parts of the world, it isdevices to watch video content, usage and growth in online and seeing the highest growth rates in mobile phone video technologi